Animation: Stefan Nadelman
Music: Dick Zved

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Terra, that which is dry; hence (the) earth.
Terra firma is the land in its continental glory, it's the lines that define what is dubbed as territory.
Mountaintops, farmland, a dry dusty plain...
...representing features that exist in the terrain.
Plates underground slide around it seems spontaneous...
...these plates sort of sound like they might be subterraneaneous.
sub is under, it's waterproof machine, just below the surface in a Navy submarine.
Submerged in the ocean, one cannot dispute, oxygen is limited and there is no substitute.
A subliminal presentation right before your eyes, subconscious ascertation it's too fast to recognize.
In slowing down the speed one must increase the increment of time a frame's replaced by a frame that's subsequent.
A sequence of events can easily be reckoned when you realize a first is followed by a second.
"Sunglasses, inflatable rubber raft, it's terribly cold."
That transition wasn't smooth, let's complain to the editor, you can't say it's a segue when it's just a non sequitur.
Non is nonluminous,
non is noncontroversial,
non may not be nonsymbolic,
non may not be noncommercial.
Coming together, composing visual & sound, computers run aground as it furthers to compound.