Fabulous Life

"The Fabulous Life" was a pilot created by Matt Sharp for VH1 in which I was brought in the mix to create a bunch of extra-flashy animations. The pilot (The Fabulous Life of Jennifer Lopez) was such a success that the green light was given to produce the series and in order to pursue other projects, I passed the torch to the very talented Anthony Krause who now heads the flash graphics team for the series.

The following link is a compilation of some of the animations I created for the show. It's important to know that these clips are from the original pilot in which I used a typeface and type treatment which are no longer being used, so if you are a Fab Life junkie, you will notice this difference.

Fablife Quicktime Reel
"The Fabulous Life" on Vimeo
initial air date: January, 2003

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